Monday, April 21, 2008

Chickenjoy at Jollibee

According to its website, Jollibee is the Philippines number 1 fast food chain. I can tell you that it is not worth the travel


The Esposito said...

I think you are not nice to not like Jollibee. I think it great

Anonymous said...

Jollibee is actually McDonald's biggest rival in the Philippines when it comes to fast food. How did you find the food? Was it bland, so-so or simply gross? Or was it the service that made you decide it's not worth the trip? I personally love Jollibee's chicken dishes although I still prefer McDonald's burgers and fries.

Wolf said...

i think you should have elaborated on your comment about Jollibee. why do you think its not worth the trip? yes, it is the number one fastfood chain here in the phils leaving mcdonalds in its dust. plus, it has gone international with many outlets in other countries even in the U.S. imho, their food is quite good and can really compete globally.

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