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Walking off the racks

A lot of knock off apparel written in English can be misspelt such as this and this. While this one is grammatically correct, I am not sure it would be a big seller to those that understand its meaning

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Sunset in Đà Lạt

Unfortunately you do not get these type of sunsets in HCM

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Đà Lạt University

Outside the new library

We spent all of last week hosting a GIS workshop at the Đà Lạt University. Clean crisp air, wide open spaces, pine trees and plenty of hills made for a great change from HCMC

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December Theme Day - Circles/Spheres

This months theme I went for something that has been annoying me of late, continual rain. Vietnamese will tell you that in the past you could set your calendar against the timing of the wet season, starting in May and finishing end of October. Prolonged wet seasons the past 3 years just drag out the depression of each rainy season

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