Friday, July 25, 2008

Cambodia dry and brown

On a recent trip to Thailand I was again amazed to see the differences in agricultural ability between two neighbouring countries. The Cambodian landscape was still relatively dry even though the wet season had begun, while in Vietnam the paddy field production was already well underway.


Hilda said...

Wow, the difference between the two is striking.

I hope that it's just a matter of differences in their cycles rather than a difference in general climate. Because if it's the latter, then poor Cambodia. =(

poopsie said...

That is an amazing image. Green around the villages and brown in the rice fields. I see that the river looks full so rice production has not started because of a lack of water. So what is it?

Kris McCracken said...

First, my apologies for a bit of cut and paste commenting. I have been doing the rounds via Bloglines and looking at all the pictures from my favourite photo blogs, but haven’t been leaving comments. Generally, I try to comment as much as I can (I know how good it is for ‘morale’ to know that someone is out there appreciating them), but after the birth of my second son, I am a bit knackered to think up something witty and insightful on the hop. Thus the resort to Control+C and Control+P!

Kris from Hobart, Tasmania.

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