Thursday, September 25, 2008

Little drummer boys

This was taken at the mid-autumn festival a few weeks back. In Việt Nam it is also referred to as Children's Tết.


poopsie said...

Are you saying these guys sing carols at Christmas as well? Do they do as good a version as Boney M?

Anonymous said...

there is so much red and gold in there!

Anonymous said...

Poops its boopsie here.
I am the anon you refer to.
And yes my pot is black and so is my kettle.
But Must I play a guessing game to find out your identity?
The author here knows who I am.
The question is who are you?
Fond Regards,
Love your work

Melissa said...

that is an adorable picture. i just found a new travel site, you definetly post this picture on there. it is great.

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