Friday, November 14, 2008

Overloaded motorbikes

The guy on the left has so much stuff on his bike that he is basically sitting under the handle bars, the couple on the right are transporting a 2m x 1m picture frame. Not sure on the legalities of this but it seems everyone with something to transport does it. The best one I have seen are guys on two motorbikes transporting large sheets of glass, with each side held by a guy on the back of each motorbike. I wish I could get a photo of that one day.


Babzy said...

are they many accidents with the motorbikes . said...

i remember seeing this a lot. i even saw live pigs on the back of some.

well caught.

Anonymous said...

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Ryan said...

Well, I agree that transportation in Vietnam is terrible. We will be in role of Hollywood acting film if we take part in Vietnam roads!

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