Sunday, November 08, 2009

Specializing in boats, plant, motorcycle and mickey mouse

I love these type of stores that sell seemingly unrelated goods. I would love to know how they decided on each


riina said...

beautiful... and when you start thinking about it, there might be following explanation -
let's say it's a 'pimp my family-bike' store: motorcycles with mickey mouse decor (fun for kids), amphibious features (fun for dads) and some plants at the back rack (creating the homey feel for mum). since it is a souvenir shop they are happy to wrap it for the travelling customer and have someone from the post office come over to sort out the shipment ;-)

Babzy said...

very funny !

HoustonWok said...

hmmm.yeahhhh, Mickey mouse, they lost me with that one.

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