Tuesday, June 01, 2010

June Theme Day - Funny Signs

Translation from top down is as follows:

New appetizing specialty to compliment any meal


Very delicious and highly nutritious

New Horse Meat Here!

You will know the true value…….


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tapirgal said...

I'm sure it's true, but why did they put such a nice-looking picture of the horse's face?

J Bar said...

I say nay, to the horse meat. :)
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Ineke said...

Ok, so i am coming out of the closet; I have eaten horse meat before and it's really good. I am not hypocrite about eating lamb (talking about innocent) or any other meat. I would try dog if they sold it. Then again, some Dutch also eat raw fish and as long as you call that sushi others might eat it too.

Thuan said...

Horse meat is one of the more common meats in VN, along with buffalo it gets served up all the time under the name of beef. It is actually quite lean and tasty, which always makes me wonder why they send them to the glue factory in the US

Buck said...

The advert by itself is OK, but with the nice horse's face, it really is funny!

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