Sunday, August 08, 2010

More Yamaha


Cameron said...

i think you have done this one before, but from a much closer shot? I am quite certain as last time I had taken a photo of the same ad a few days before you posted yours, haha. They have both been up for about 6months+ now? would of thought it was time for a change.

This is a great photo I have tried to get similar shots myself, the mix of the traffic and the neon glow of the advertising everywhere you look. just nice!

simon kutcher said...

Hey Cameron. I probably did post another photo like this some time ago. As I have moved to Hanoi I am only keeping this blog going with a collection of unposted photos, and whatever I take when I am in HCM - which is not that often now.

I took this out a taxi window after playing around with the settings so the focus was on the billboard in the distance. I find these types of shots are generally difficult to take with a point and shoot camera, so I find I need to just keep clicking to get on e relatively decent. This one is not overly good as the focus in the background is not that strong


Jay Guthrie said...

What a great photo! I use to rent an apartment down a hem just to the right of the Yamaha sign in 2003. There was a woman who set up a banh mi cart right under the Samsung sign each night. I could get 2 for one US dollar. There was also a woman who ran a cafe at the entrance to the hem, she would deliver breakfast to my apartment each morning, usually bun bo hue. Thanks for bring back some great memories.

Loan Nguyen said...

I like your photo.

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