Monday, December 03, 2007

Loreto fest

Loreto fest was held last Saturday night at the RMIT sports grounds, the first music festival of its kind in Saigon. An excerpt from a media release states "The Loreto Viet Nam Australia Program is celebrating 10 years of operation in Viet Nam this year. The Project Coordinator and selfless visionary behind the Loreto Viet Nam Australia Program, Ms. Trish Franklin, has been awarded the "Medal for Peace and Friendship Amongst Nations" by the Hanoi People’s Aid Co-Coordinating Committee (PACCOM) and also received an Order of Australia medal in 2005 “for service in the field of international humanitarian relief and to children in South East Asia”. 100% of entry proceeds from the music festival will go to the Program.


Viet said...

Thanks and congrats to the lady!

Barbara said...

Nice description of the photo.

Cannonball said...

Hi from Cannonball,Were looking forward to playing the Loreto festival and seeing all our friends there !!

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