Monday, August 04, 2008

The street becomes a river

Another pic from the flooding last Friday night. Around our area the waters reached 1 meter at its highest point. Reports around town suggested that waters got close to 1.5 meters in other areas. Not a particularly fun night for traveling


jill said...

Simon, this much water is no fun, expecially when traveling on 2 wheels. However, your photo has great color, reflections and action. I hope it has dried out by now.

Alex said...

Hi, I'm Alex. I am an EFL teacher in Tokyo and I'm thinking about moving to HCMC in January to teach. I saw your blog and really like it. It's nice to keep up on what's going on in HCMC (e.g. the flooding). I also have my eye on RMIT, it seems like a good work place. I am curious to read more of your blog to find out what kind of work environment it is. Keep writing! And if you click my username you can check out my blog too. Thanks!


Alex said...

Ok, sorry, I still love your blog, but I think I got you confused with someone else who works at RMIT. Haha, sorry!

JM said...

Well, when it rains... it REALLY rains!!! Monsoon time out there, right?
Great shot!

Ron Dijkstra said...

been there many times already, just got home actually. I like your blog!!

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