Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pre-Tết traffic downtown


Anonymous said...

The massive Ochna integerrima flowers hanging over the road must look good at night

riina said...

Yeah, the city breathes Tet coming up.
Have you seen people throwing fish into the river as a pre-tet custom? I saw some Vietnamese releasing fishes from little plastic bags on Saigon Bridge last weekend but don't understand the reason behind it... and a google search didn't reveal anything either.
chúc mừng năm mới!

HoustonWok said...

Hi there Simon,
I am a fan of your adventerous pictures of VN. You seem to have been there for quite some time, what keeps you out there so long? I lived there for 1yr and a half and visit every other year and keep seem to get enough.You ought to book a tour to thailand it's only 300usd with viet travel agency.

HoustonWok said...

oop sorry i meant to say can't seem to get enough of visiting VN, not keep seem, improper grammar there sorry.

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