Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Steak tartare at L'en Tête

I love the richness of French cuisine, and steak tartare is right up there as one of my favourite dishes. A great history of the dish can be found here. I know horse meat is available in Vietnam, but I am assured this is beef mince


the big e said...

raw meat - yum!

Aparna said...

I'm a Mumbai-based journalist, writing a travel story on Vietnam. Quite mind-boggled by the variety, hence closing in on Saigon as a 4-day holiday with day trips.
It would be terrific if you could answer some of my questions and perhaps provide some high-res images, for which the magazine will gladly give credit. Pls do write in at apednekar76@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

not sure i can agree with you, raw meat is not real safe, especially in Nam

Anonymous said...

as a vietnamese it aggrevates me every time i hear/read someone mentioning vietnam as 'nam'. i understand that the speaker probably means no harm, but there is just something condescending about it (sort of like jap or chin, i feel).

please respect our country's name and refer to it as is. thank you.

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