Thursday, October 08, 2009

Ben Thanh Tourist

I am not really sure what this logo is supposed to symbolize. Any ideas?


NHP said...

Looks like a swan to me. But in connection to a tourist, I am not sure : )
Love the daily pictures.
Thanky you so much!

Two peanuts born in Vietnam...

HoustonWok said...

Sometimes the National V'nmese haven't got a clue do they lol. I agree with NHP, I see a mix between a number 1 and a swan, a kind of sail boat, hell it looks like bloody dinner to me.

maygirl7 said...

Sailboat. a la the junks in "Indochine".

the big e said...

Someone once told me it was a dove and that Ben Thanh was the No 1 tourist agency (in comparison to the behemoth Saigon tourist)

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