Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas outside the Sheraton


Anonymous said...

I have your blog feed in google reader, its nice to get a photo of vietnam now and then so thanks for this year and Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.


from Australia

vietnamese private tours said...

your blog is very fresh and updated, when i saw the photo's i feel i am in saigon though i live in Hanoi, really nice one and thumb up to you

Burma vacations said...

When visiting Burma – a rustic country with the peaceful atmosphere, the sacredness of temples, you will be much more excited if you come to the time of Burma Vacations. Maybe you know the main Year New festival of Myanmar is held in mid-April, but there is another New Year festival of the Naga people, is held in January. This holiday usually starts from 14/1 and end at 16/1, and the location is in Lahe and Layshi, in Sagaing area. The people of Naga has more than 40 tribes with their own languages and cultures. At this festival, they gather together, wear their customs and wait for the new year with each other.

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