Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Hanoi gloom

I sometimes get obsessed by the crappiness of the weather in Hanoi. It can be so depressing. This photo is taken from the bridge over the Red River, about 11 am, is in colour, and has not been enhanced or played around with. Classic Hanoi miserableness


asdf said...

That's a pretty crappy camera then :)

Dragonfly said...

This looks like Brisbane weather right now! We have had 3 weeks of unrelenting rain (unheard of).
Wishing you a happy weekend :-)

Anonymous said...

Depressing is the word Simon, it look like it was taken in the old day.

P.S. as alway thanks for all of your post.. i visit your blog everyday, it like my VN fix.. lol :)

Michael Blamey said...

Looks like Melbourne this arvo

ourman said...

I was just about to tell you that you have a crap camera but someone beat me to it.

I live in Hanoi and I have never ever seen it look like that.

I don't find the weather here depressing at all. And considering we're in the middle of the worst drought in 100 years and an incredible heatwave- for the time of the year - your pic is hardly representative.

I'd find 12 months of heat remarkably depressing.

ourman said...
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thuan said...

I lived in Hanoi for 3 years and hardly ever saw the sun. You certainly wont get burnt up there! Not sure if it is ever as gloomy as that picture, but it does seem to be a little gray and hazy most of the time.

I also love the Hanoians defending their city. Keep it up

My Nam said...

Classic North South argument over the weather. boring zz..zz..zz..

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