Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Theme Day - Red

Communism and socialism identify with the colour red. However with the push of globalisation into socialist politics all is not as clearly defined as it once was.

Bill Hayton, BBC correspondent in Vietnam in 2006-7 had released a book that charts the changes in Vietnam with a mix of reportage and behind the scenes analysis. It tackles big topics - democracy vs one party rule, development vs environment and much more.

"Examining nearly every aspect of Vietnamese politics and society, from the economy and family life, to religion and the plight of indigenous minorities, Hayton gives a balanced, intelligent account of a country whose history so differs from our own." Justin Wintle, Financial Times

"This is a cleverly pitched book, one that will appeal equally to a businessman or investor seeking a briefing on Vietnam, an old Asia hand, or an inquisitive backpacker." Petroc Trelawny, Irish Times

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Inverness Daily Photo said...

The world is forever changing as ytou remind us.

Anonymous said...

That is a awful cover. Not very inviting. Replace the scooter with a bicycle/cyclo and the grafitti wall with skycrapers. That would symbol the "rising dragon" much beter.

Loan Nguyen said...

I like your post.

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