Friday, December 17, 2010

Decorations go up on Dong Khoi street


Living In Viet Nam said...

I am Peter and come from US . Now, I am living and working in Viet Nam, I hve lived in Viet Nam for 5 year. I feel interesting when living in Viet Nam. It has brang me many new experiences in my life. At first, I had difficulties such as language, culture, life style and so on. While changing weather could affect health, different culture and customs might influence my mind and made me become less confident. Every day, I had to struggle for survival in a strange country. And now, I adapts to a new which is a real challenge for evey foreigner. I have chances to dissover new culture, ways of thinking, history, custom and life style. As a result, I had overcome myself and had the interesting experiences as I had expected. Now, I am living with my family in rent house Ho Chi Minh. The rent house is very convenient with full facilities. I am satisfied with present life in Viet Nam. Living in Viet Nam is really a interesting life.

Anonymous said...

What happens to Saigon to-day Simon?.I guess it is " Melbourne to-day " for you over Xmas-New year break ?. Can't wait to see you
back online.Have a merry Christmas
and all the best in the new year.

V said...

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topintown said...

Hello ...
I am a Dutch man was born in vietnam, left the country long time a go. I go back to Saigon sometimes to visit my family. I can not recognize the city any more except some old famous buildings. There is no Saigon's soul left such as I use to experience . It has been changed so much. Right! its Ho chi minh city now, not Saigon any more as I still call it
The city is so big, busy, disorder, dirty ,the polite and customer officers are very arrogant and corrupted me at the airport, I could not stand to stay there just for a few weeks. If I did not have any families I would never go back to Saigon .

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Vietnam tours said...

I like Dong Khoi street , Dong Khoi street beautiful...

Vietnam travel guide said...

Photos great

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