Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Downtown construction

There is a lot of construction happening all over Saigon at the moment, for a more detailed look go here. The city seems in an incredible rush to modernise and I cannot help wondering how well planned the new Saigon will be. There is a real lack of green space within the city and sites like the very large hospital grounds in the foreground must be kept at bay from developers. Time will tell I guess


trev said...

bulldoze the hospital and build something really useless

the big e said...

looks like the city is growing up

Babzy said...

It's really impressive , i'm not a big fan of big buildings , i hope they keep the old houses and don't destroy everthing for modernity ??

FoodTechie said...

Just came back from a weekend trip to saigon last weekend, was amazing! Visiting ur site to see more saigon goodies :)

btw, i agree saigon seemed to have a lot of construction going on, but still the greenery is very much around in my opinion.

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